From a vision to practice

wygroup possesses many years of field experience in the IT-industry that it has obtained and deepened through decades of different leading positions. wygroup makes this experience available to start-ups, middle sized and large sized companies in the software products and service sector. The services of wygroup concentrate on


  • sales coaching
  • management coaching
  • interimsmanagement.

wygroup is experienced and is on the same page as its decision makers. wygroup is market oriented and accompanies its leaders/ sales team to clients, partners or distributors in order to secure and reflect a realistic image of the situation.


Wenn Du schnell gehen willst, gehe alleine –  wenn Du weit gehen willst, gehe mit anderen

"If you want to go quickly,
go alone – if you want to go far,
go with others."


With challenges like positioning of new products


  • growth
  • expansion to new markets (national/ international and direct/ indirect)
  • definition of strategy
  • turnaround
  • optimization of processes
  • course of succession


wygroup supports and accompanies the client actively. When doing this wygroup not only emphasizes the value of quick successes, but especially of sustainability.

The success of wygroup lies in the consistent implementation of its goals!